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Latter Earth 6 February 16, 2023 Abenteuerspiel & Numenera & Perilous Wilds I expect this to be the last session in this arc or even campaign, and of course I’ll say more on that at the end. For now, the group is camped just Latter Earth 5 February 14, 2023 Abenteuerspiel & Numenera & Perilous Wilds I’m quite tired so at the moment I’m just going to write some notes and let ChatGPT do the work from there, with a bit of editing or rewriting to Latter Earth 4 February 13, 2023 Abenteuerspiel & Worlds Without Number & Numenera & Perilous Wilds The group is stopped at an ancient defensive ruin just south of a tower ruin. Sarca and Kasciuto accidentally activated the guardian “spirit” Latter Earth 3 February 11, 2023 Abenteuerspiel & Worlds Without Number & Stars Without Number & Numenera & Perilous Wilds Last time, the explorers trekked up from the city of Kheyus following the river up through the Corrose Woodlands. This time, I’ll keep doing some Latter Earth 2 February 10, 2023 Abenteuerspiel & Worlds Without Number & Numenera & Scarlet Heroes I’ve been thinking about my approach here and it feels a little more seat-of-my-pants than I’d like. Let’s talk about procedures. One of the joys of Latter Earth 1 February 9, 2023 Abenteuerspiel & Worlds Without Number & Numenera Some time ago, I experimented with Abenteuerspiel, Worlds Without Number (WWN), Perilous Wilds, and Numenera. I wanted to come back to this Abenteuerspiel Experiment February 3, 2023 Abenteuerspiel & Perilous Wilds & Numenera & Worlds Without Number After I read Geek Gamers’ Solo Game Master’s Guide (“Solo GMG”) last year, her approach intrigued me. So I decided to experiment with different