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Blades in the Dark Solo - Season 2 - Part 2 The session starts by creating Emeline, our second scoundrel. Once they get a third, they’ll form a crew, but for now it’s just a pair of folks Aug 8, 2022 Blades in the Dark
Blades in the Dark Solo - Season 2 - Part 2 Aug 8, 2022 Blades in the Dark The session starts by creating Emeline, our second scoundrel. Once they get a third, they’ll form a crew, but for now it’s just a pair of folks Blades in the Dark Solo - Season 2 - Part 1 Aug 7, 2022 Blades in the Dark My mind hasn’t really left Blades in the Dark since the conclusion of my prior solo playthrough for The Pincers. So I want to dig into it again, Wanderhome Solo - Part 4 Jul 29, 2022 Wanderhome Meta note: I actually played this on June 12th but somehow forgot to blog it. So here it is! Also, I now have an actual printed copy rather than Ironsworn Delve - Debrief Jul 28, 2022 Ironsworn Photo by Tabea Schimpf on Unsplash Now that I’ve completed a playthrough of Ironsworn over 12 sessions (including a part 0), I thought I’d sit for a Ironsworn Delve - Part 11 Jul 27, 2022 Ironsworn Amara stands outside the ravine that contains the entrance to the Cavern of Torment. She’s seen a gaunt here, the mounts commonly used by elves, Ironsworn Delve - Part 10 Jul 25, 2022 Ironsworn Amara is about to fight a Nightspawn in a wolf-bug form blocking her escape from the Crystal Wood. Let’s play to find out how that goes… Both of the Ironsworn Delve - Part 9 Jul 24, 2022 Ironsworn Amara, a Warden in the Ironlands assigned to protect the northwest corner of the Havens, is trying to relocate a tiny, poor community out of hostile Ironsworn Delve - Part 8 Jul 21, 2022 Ironsworn Amara has sworn to get her fellow Warden, Malik, to safety after he was captured by raiders who also killed another Warden. He’s more or less okay Ironsworn Delve - Part 7 Jul 20, 2022 Ironsworn I’m not sure the Landwarning Plague is related to the demon from our initial quest. So that Formidable vow sits at 3/10, and remaining steps could Ironsworn Delve - Part 6 Jul 19, 2022 Ironsworn Reviewing our main quest real quick, we’ve changed it just slightly (expanding it, really) to cover finding the treatment for the plague overall. It Ironsworn Delve - Part 5 Jul 18, 2022 Ironsworn Before we get back into the action, I decided to take some time and add more texture to the world. Chandra, a conceited mystic and trickster, lives Ironsworn Delve - Part 4 Jul 17, 2022 Ironsworn Chandra, a mystic who may have the power to heal the land of the affliction plaguing it, has informed Amara that she will not be bullied into doing Ironsworn Delve - Part 3 Jul 15, 2022 Ironsworn Somewhere in the forests near Watchtower, Amara and Flint (the fisherman she rescued) try to get him back to safety. As we Undertake a Journey back Ironsworn Delve - Part 2 Jul 14, 2022 Ironsworn Our apprentice Warden, Amara, has journeyed deep into a “corrupted cavern” in search of a demon. This foul horror possessed a local bandit and Ironsworn Delve - Part 1 Jul 13, 2022 Ironsworn Time to start the actual adventuring of Amara, an apprentice Warden in a small settlement called Watchtower. I like when apprentices in this sort of Ironsworn Delve - Part 0 Jul 12, 2022 Ironsworn Since this is a solo blog, I think playing Ironsworn at least once is a legal requirement. Actually, I’ve played Ironsworn before, though only once A Torch in the Dark - Review Jul 11, 2022 A Torch in the Dark Normally, I use this site to post session logs, not reviews. However, I will make an exception for this game as the session logs would be extremely Star Wars d6 Solo - Part 4 Jun 15, 2022 Star Wars d6 I’m giving this one more show with another PC, albeit tied into the story line of course. I’ll stick with the One Page Solo Engine, and in fact I Star Wars d6 Solo - Part 3 Jun 13, 2022 Star Wars d6 Since the previous two sessions effectively served as prologue or backstory, now I’m going to change up my approach. Everything that is not specific Star Wars d6 Solo - Part 2 Jun 12, 2022 Star Wars d6 We’re still on Tatooine playing through what I think turns out to be the backstory for Zato Windskimmer, a slicer currently living on Tatooine about
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