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5 Parsecs From Home - Campaign Turn 12 Feb 11, 2024 Five Parsecs From Home & Starforged It’s time to get the hell off Elyria and find what Swales has been looking for. That said: Easy Mode is over. No more bonuses to XP, credits, and Starforged - Exploration Part 10 Apr 5, 2023 Starforged Lux is still in this nebula, trying to understand what’s going on with it. This game continues to shy away from intrigue and overtly political Starforged - Exploration Part 9 Apr 2, 2023 Starforged That’s right, I’ve returned to my Starforged campaign for a bit. As I haven’t played in a bit, I took some time to update my local records: a custom Starforged - Exploration Part 8 Feb 8, 2023 Starforged We’re headed back out for some space exploration, with no real idea of what we’ll find there. I guess that makes it more interesting, right? Last Starforged - Exploration Part 7 Feb 7, 2023 Starforged It’s time to rock! …get it? asteroid? rock? …never mind. Last time, we tried twice to get the cosmic scales and succeeded the second time, finding Starforged - Exploration Part 6 Feb 6, 2023 Starforged Let’s see if we can’t make some legacy track progress today. We Begin a Session by thinking about flags. With the possibility of a romantic Starforged - Exploration Part 5 Feb 5, 2023 Starforged Things are humming along with our expanded vow to continue to uncover the secrets our mentor gave his life trying to understand. Let’s dig right Starforged - Exploration Part 4 Feb 4, 2023 Starforged I’ve caught my breath from the last arc and ready to dig back in. Last time, Lux found Kei’s body outside an ancient precursor factory on a furnace Starforged - Exploration Part 3 Feb 2, 2023 Starforged After tussling with a spaceborne creature, Lux has linked up with another scavenger in system. Firestarter, her temporary crew member, boarded the Starforged - Exploration Part 2 Feb 1, 2023 Starforged Lux Jemison is headed into unknown, unexplored space to find her mentor’s lost ship. She has a crew member, Firestarter, who helped clear a block on Starforged - Exploration Part 1 Jan 31, 2023 Starforged With our truths set up and the basics of the sector defined, we can go on to character creation. Expanding on what I said previously, I envision Starforged - Exploration Part 0 Jan 30, 2023 Starforged I’ve been playing lots of traditional (group) RPG sessions, but I want to dig back into some solo gaming. Last time I played Starforged, it ended Starforged Experiment May 30, 2022 Starforged I have noticed that Scum & Villainy doesn’t have as many random tables as Blades in the Dark (which makes solo play a little more difficult).