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Star Wars d6

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Star Wars d6 Solo - Part 4 Jun 15, 2022 Star Wars d6 I’m giving this one more show with another PC, albeit tied into the story line of course. I’ll stick with the One Page Solo Engine, and in fact I Star Wars d6 Solo - Part 3 Jun 13, 2022 Star Wars d6 Since the previous two sessions effectively served as prologue or backstory, now I’m going to change up my approach. Everything that is not specific Star Wars d6 Solo - Part 2 Jun 12, 2022 Star Wars d6 We’re still on Tatooine playing through what I think turns out to be the backstory for Zato Windskimmer, a slicer currently living on Tatooine about Star Wars d6 Solo - Part 1 Jun 11, 2022 Star Wars d6 No, not that Solo. Just solo. Will there be a Wookiee? I dunno, maybe eventually. But I’ve wanted to play this game for a long time and finally I