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The Cryptorum - Session 5 Mar 14, 2024 Cinderheim & OD&D Rather than (mostly) randomly stocking a dungeon as I go, this play session will involve using a randomly-generated dungeon from Donjon. While The Cryptorum - Session 4 Mar 12, 2024 Cinderheim & OD&D This should really be the final foray into this part of the dungeon. The adventurers will head back in one more time to scout out the arena and find The Cryptorum - Session 3 Mar 11, 2024 Cinderheim & OD&D As the adventurers prepare for their third delve into the Cryptorum, there are a few preparatory things to dig into. It would be useful to have The Cryptorum - Session 2 Mar 9, 2024 Cinderheim & OD&D & Ruins of the Undercity In the hellish desert of Cinderheim, where the demon sun beats down on the land, a group of adventurers seeks to win riches and glory, and perhaps a The Cryptorum - Session 1 Mar 8, 2024 Cinderheim & OD&D I’ve still been doing some solo play, including some abortive attempts with Maze Rats (which I’ll try again in a different way). But inspired by Cinderheim - Session 4 Mar 2, 2024 Cinderheim & Scarlet Heroes & Searchers of the Unknown & Mythic GME & The Monster Overhaul In what I expect will be the final session of this mini-campaign, Nammah the Butcher has allied herself with Thornscale the dracolich in part to Cinderheim - Session 3 Mar 1, 2024 Cinderheim & Scarlet Heroes & Searchers of the Unknown & Mythic GME & The Monster Overhaul Continuing to experiment in Cinderheim means I’m going to give Mythic GME a spin here for some questing by Nammah the Butcher, a first-level mage. Cinderheim - Session 2 Feb 29, 2024 Cinderheim & Scarlet Heroes & Trilemma & The Monster Overhaul & Searchers of the Unknown The first session in Cinderheim turned out to be something of a funnel, with only one member of a 3-person party surviving: Nammah the Butcher, a Cinderheim - Session 1 Feb 22, 2024 Cinderheim & Perilous Wilds & The Monster Overhaul & Searchers of the Unknown I’d like to dig into some dungeons again. I’ve done this a few times without blogging it because sometimes writing out descriptions is more work