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5 Parsecs From Home - Campaign Turn 15 Feb 19, 2024 Five Parsecs From Home & Tome of Adventure Design One of my favorite things about this game (and the others I play and document here) is emergent narrative. Taking a bunch of random results and Her Odyssey - Trophy Edition Oct 16, 2023 Her Odyssey & Trophy & Tome of Adventure Design Today’s game is Her Odyssey: Her Odyssey is a solo journaling RPG about a wanderer trying to return home - or find a new home. As with my recent Acid Death Fantasy Experiment Mar 22, 2023 Troika & Vaults of Vaarn & Tome of Adventure Design & Lexicon Urthus & One Page Solo Engine & Acid Death Fantasy & Worlds Without Number I love Dying Earth-styled science fantasy, but this time I’ll use the Acid Death Fantasy (ADF) sourcebook for Troika! as a starting point. Together Return to Latter Earth - Part 4 Mar 21, 2023 Scarlet Heroes & Worlds Without Number & Numenera & Tome of Adventure Design Before I turn away from Scarlet Heroes, I want to try it with a traditionally-built dungeon. After that, I may turn to some other game. Dyson Return to Latter Earth - Part 3 Mar 20, 2023 Scarlet Heroes & Worlds Without Number & Numenera & Tome of Adventure Design I have done some work to embed this campaign more firmly in a science-fantasy Latter (Dying) Earth setting. As I go through, there will be more Solo Gothic - Part 6 Feb 26, 2023 Searchers of the Unknown & Krevborna & One Page Solo Engine & Tome of Adventure Design & Perilous Wilds & The Monster Overhaul The group has just finished burying one of their own in the Silent Forest outside the entrance to the Sleeping Vault. They didn’t get farther than