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The Doomed

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RPGs vs Wargames Feb 20, 2024 Meta & The Doomed & 5 Parsecs from Home & OD&D Over the last month or two, the combat in games like 5 Parsecs from Home and The Doomed has felt much more satisfying for me than traditional RPG The Doomed - Session 4 Jan 19, 2024 The Doomed This is the story of how my warband came to an ignominious end. Just as last time, one of the warband members has sunk into a bad mental state: The Doomed - Session 3 Jan 18, 2024 The Doomed Continuing the wargame campaign, the severity of the doom has started to get to the warband: Bleak Outlook: There really doesn’t seem to be any The Doomed - Session 2 Jan 14, 2024 The Doomed As I pick up the second session, I want to focus a bit more on the narrative of the game. I also had DALL-E 3 generate images of the warband and the The Doomed - Scenario 1 Jan 13, 2024 The Doomed I got a copy of The Doomed, Chris McDowall’s skirmish wargame of “Apocalyptic Horror Hunting”. Much like he did with Into the Odd and Electric