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Dyson’s Delve - Session 3 July 9, 2024 OD&D & Dyson's Delve Before getting started, a few notes about last session: First, I forgot to use some of Fyat’s gnomish and thievery abilities. That likely cost his Dyson’s Delve: Session 2 July 7, 2024 Dyson's Delve & OD&D Continuing from Session 1, the party found an entrance down into the sub-surface levels of an old ruined watchtower inhabited by goblin raiders. Dyson’s Delve: Session 1 July 6, 2024 Dyson's Delve & OD&D I’ve decided to explore the updated 2019 version of Dyson’s Delve using Swords & Wizardry. As far as I know, this is still just a Patreon exclusive, Sacretta Carnifexa - Part 3 April 8, 2024 Krevborna & OD&D & The Monster Overhaul The newest members of the Sacretta Carnifexa prepare to return to the Blackened Tower, steeling their resolve and replenishing their ranks. Having Sacretta Carnifexa - Part 2 April 2, 2024 Krevborna & OD&D & Tome of Adventure Design & Worlds Without Number The party is still in the Blackened Tower, the former lair of Albinus the necromancer. Albinus is dead, but these new members of the Sacretta Sacretta Carnifexa - Part 1 March 30, 2024 Krevborna & OD&D As the spotlight is shifting from Brother Erlan as the primary protagonist to a group of adventurers under his command / patronage, as well as a The Cryptorum - Session 5 March 14, 2024 Cinderheim & OD&D Rather than (mostly) randomly stocking a dungeon as I go, this play session will involve using a randomly-generated dungeon from Donjon. While The Cryptorum - Session 4 March 12, 2024 Cinderheim & OD&D This should really be the final foray into this part of the dungeon. The adventurers will head back in one more time to scout out the arena and find The Cryptorum - Session 3 March 11, 2024 Cinderheim & OD&D As the adventurers prepare for their third delve into the Cryptorum, there are a few preparatory things to dig into. It would be useful to have The Cryptorum - Session 2 March 9, 2024 Cinderheim & OD&D & Ruins of the Undercity In the hellish desert of Cinderheim, where the demon sun beats down on the land, a group of adventurers seeks to win riches and glory, and perhaps a The Cryptorum - Session 1 March 8, 2024 Cinderheim & OD&D I’ve still been doing some solo play, including some abortive attempts with Maze Rats (which I’ll try again in a different way). But inspired by RPGs vs Wargames February 20, 2024 Meta & The Doomed & 5 Parsecs from Home & OD&D Over the last month or two, the combat in games like 5 Parsecs from Home and The Doomed has felt much more satisfying for me than traditional RPG The Stygian Library - Part 3 May 3, 2023 Stygian Library & OD&D After two incursions into The Stygian Library, the party is ready to head back and finish the job! They have most, but not quite all, of the The Stygian Library - Part 2 May 1, 2023 Stygian Library & OD&D Last time, I rolled up three OD&D characters and sent them into a non-Euclidean quantum library on an errand for a powerful wizard in search of an The Stygian Library - Part 1 April 28, 2023 Stygian Library & OD&D I’ve recently come back to Original D&D in the form of White Box FMAG. Currently I’m running a short (?) campaign for some friends, but I want to