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Adventures in Acid Death Fantasy - Part 1 Mar 25, 2023 Troika & Acid Death Fantasy & Scarlet Heroes & Worlds Without Number & One Page Solo Engine I’ve been immersed in games descended from Dungeons and Dragons lately, playing them as a form of “comfort gaming”. However, my thoughts have been Acid Death Fantasy Experiment Mar 22, 2023 Troika & Vaults of Vaarn & Tome of Adventure Design & Lexicon Urthus & One Page Solo Engine & Acid Death Fantasy & Worlds Without Number I love Dying Earth-styled science fantasy, but this time I’ll use the Acid Death Fantasy (ADF) sourcebook for Troika! as a starting point. Together Return to Latter Earth - Part 4 Mar 21, 2023 Scarlet Heroes & Worlds Without Number & Numenera & Tome of Adventure Design Before I turn away from Scarlet Heroes, I want to try it with a traditionally-built dungeon. After that, I may turn to some other game. Dyson Return to Latter Earth - Part 3 Mar 20, 2023 Scarlet Heroes & Worlds Without Number & Numenera & Tome of Adventure Design I have done some work to embed this campaign more firmly in a science-fantasy Latter (Dying) Earth setting. As I go through, there will be more Return to Latter Earth - Part 1 Mar 17, 2023 Scarlet Heroes & The Monster Overhaul & Worlds Without Number Lately I dug back into Scarlet Heroes (SH) by Kevin Crawford. Before I write a longer piece about how well it holds up, I thought I’d document a Solo Gothic - Part 3 Feb 21, 2023 Searchers of the Unknown & Krevborna & One Page Solo Engine & Into the Odd & Worlds Without Number & The Monster Overhaul & A Place Underground & Perilous Wilds Still in the Monastery of St. Othric, our three members of the Labyrinth Dredgers (Ataulf, Melisanda, and Cethegus), plus a temporary companion Latter Earth 4 Feb 13, 2023 Abenteuerspiel & Worlds Without Number & Numenera & Perilous Wilds The group is stopped at an ancient defensive ruin just south of a tower ruin. Sarca and Kasciuto accidentally activated the guardian “spirit” Latter Earth 3 Feb 11, 2023 Abenteuerspiel & Worlds Without Number & Stars Without Number & Numenera & Perilous Wilds Last time, the explorers trekked up from the city of Kheyus following the river up through the Corrose Woodlands. This time, I’ll keep doing some Latter Earth 2 Feb 10, 2023 Abenteuerspiel & Worlds Without Number & Numenera & Scarlet Heroes I’ve been thinking about my approach here and it feels a little more seat-of-my-pants than I’d like. Let’s talk about procedures. One of the joys of Latter Earth 1 Feb 9, 2023 Abenteuerspiel & Worlds Without Number & Numenera Some time ago, I experimented with Abenteuerspiel, Worlds Without Number (WWN), Perilous Wilds, and Numenera. I wanted to come back to this Abenteuerspiel Experiment Feb 3, 2023 Abenteuerspiel & Perilous Wilds & Numenera & Worlds Without Number After I read Geek Gamers’ Solo Game Master’s Guide (“Solo GMG”) last year, her approach intrigued me. So I decided to experiment with different