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Sacretta Carnifexa - Part 2 April 2, 2024 Krevborna & OD&D & Tome of Adventure Design & Worlds Without Number The party is still in the Blackened Tower, the former lair of Albinus the necromancer. Albinus is dead, but these new members of the Sacretta Undead Without Number - Session 3 March 24, 2024 Krevborna & Worlds Without Number & Mythic GME & The Monster Overhaul Brother Erlan, a militant priest who fights the undead, is in Oakside investigating a series of attacks by undead. After uncovering the local Undead Without Number - Session 2 March 21, 2024 Krevborna & Worlds Without Number & Mythic GME After all that work to set things up (seriously, there was a lot of fucking around to get to a game setup I was happy with), I definitely want to Undead Without Number - Session 1 March 19, 2024 Worlds Without Number & Krevborna & Mythic GME While waiting for some other materials to arrive, I decided to upgrade a bit from Scarlet Heroes to use the Worlds Without Number rules from the Adventures in Acid Death Fantasy - Part 1 March 25, 2023 Troika & Acid Death Fantasy & Scarlet Heroes & Worlds Without Number & One Page Solo Engine I’ve been immersed in games descended from Dungeons and Dragons lately, playing them as a form of “comfort gaming”. However, my thoughts have been Acid Death Fantasy Experiment March 22, 2023 Troika & Vaults of Vaarn & Tome of Adventure Design & Lexicon Urthus & One Page Solo Engine & Acid Death Fantasy & Worlds Without Number I love Dying Earth-styled science fantasy, but this time I’ll use the Acid Death Fantasy (ADF) sourcebook for Troika! as a starting point. Together Return to Latter Earth - Part 4 March 21, 2023 Scarlet Heroes & Worlds Without Number & Numenera & Tome of Adventure Design Before I turn away from Scarlet Heroes, I want to try it with a traditionally-built dungeon. After that, I may turn to some other game. Dyson Return to Latter Earth - Part 3 March 20, 2023 Scarlet Heroes & Worlds Without Number & Numenera & Tome of Adventure Design I have done some work to embed this campaign more firmly in a science-fantasy Latter (Dying) Earth setting. As I go through, there will be more Return to Latter Earth - Part 1 March 17, 2023 Scarlet Heroes & The Monster Overhaul & Worlds Without Number Lately I dug back into Scarlet Heroes (SH) by Kevin Crawford. Before I write a longer piece about how well it holds up, I thought I’d document a Solo Gothic - Part 3 February 21, 2023 Searchers of the Unknown & Krevborna & One Page Solo Engine & Into the Odd & Worlds Without Number & The Monster Overhaul & A Place Underground & Perilous Wilds Still in the Monastery of St. Othric, our three members of the Labyrinth Dredgers (Ataulf, Melisanda, and Cethegus), plus a temporary companion Latter Earth 4 February 13, 2023 Abenteuerspiel & Worlds Without Number & Numenera & Perilous Wilds The group is stopped at an ancient defensive ruin just south of a tower ruin. Sarca and Kasciuto accidentally activated the guardian “spirit” Latter Earth 3 February 11, 2023 Abenteuerspiel & Worlds Without Number & Stars Without Number & Numenera & Perilous Wilds Last time, the explorers trekked up from the city of Kheyus following the river up through the Corrose Woodlands. This time, I’ll keep doing some Latter Earth 2 February 10, 2023 Abenteuerspiel & Worlds Without Number & Numenera & Scarlet Heroes I’ve been thinking about my approach here and it feels a little more seat-of-my-pants than I’d like. Let’s talk about procedures. One of the joys of Latter Earth 1 February 9, 2023 Abenteuerspiel & Worlds Without Number & Numenera Some time ago, I experimented with Abenteuerspiel, Worlds Without Number (WWN), Perilous Wilds, and Numenera. I wanted to come back to this Abenteuerspiel Experiment February 3, 2023 Abenteuerspiel & Perilous Wilds & Numenera & Worlds Without Number After I read Geek Gamers’ Solo Game Master’s Guide (“Solo GMG”) last year, her approach intrigued me. So I decided to experiment with different