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Stygian Library

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The Stygian Library - Part 3 May 3, 2023 Stygian Library & OD&D After two incursions into The Stygian Library, the party is ready to head back and finish the job! They have most, but not quite all, of the The Stygian Library - Part 2 May 1, 2023 Stygian Library & OD&D Last time, I rolled up three OD&D characters and sent them into a non-Euclidean quantum library on an errand for a powerful wizard in search of an The Stygian Library - Part 1 April 28, 2023 Stygian Library & OD&D I’ve recently come back to Original D&D in the form of White Box FMAG. Currently I’m running a short (?) campaign for some friends, but I want to