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Ker Nethalas - Exploring the Starting Domain

I’m trying again now that I understand Ker Nethalas: Into the Midnight Throne a bit better, although it’s entirely possible I’m still missing things.

Character creation

While allocating skill points during character creation, players should prioritize the masteries they aim to develop (e.g. think about what weapon types to use, or perhaps stealth-related skills.) Of course, a lot depends on the rolled attributes. Characters with low Aether will probably not do well with masteries that are focused on magic abilities, for example.

Character sheet for Uttindar My character, Uttindar


Again, I’m using the default starting domain” (dungeon). This uses a Dyson Logos map and includes some specific starting gear and supplies to be discovered, and the enemies are, in theory, a bit weaker. At the same time, they’re a bit more generic: rats, zombies, and skeletons, though with some well-written flavor and interesting abilities.

Ker Nethalas, the First Domain Ker Nethalas, the First Domain (cartography by Dyson Logos)

Room I

I drop into the Corpse Pile and find a half-spent torch” (which means it will last 10 rooms instead of 20). It’s unclear whether I should roll for an Encounter, but I’m going to assume not in this room. The overseer is Veilshifter”; I’ll ignore the specific description until I find it. Its influence effect is Corrupting: Each time a monster deals 3+ damage on a single attack, I will need to make a Resolve check or lose 1 Sanity.

Still at the start, I treat that single square between rooms I and II as part of the room rather than a corridor. (Regardless of the designer’s intent, I don’t want an encounter before I have at least the most basic level of equipment.)

Room II

Next, I enter the Guard Room. The Tension die remains at a d8. The first time I played this, I took all three starting weapons, but I think maybe I’m only expected to take a single weapon. This time, I choose the dagger. I also find Rigid Leather armor to protect my torso, which provides 2 protection with a d8 Integrity usage die.

Corridor to Room III

While the Tension die is still a d8, a random encounter happens.

Blightfang Rats

These abominable rodents are grotesque amalgamations of rotting flesh and shadows, their sinewy bodies covered in mangy, mottled fur. Possessing malevolent crimson eyes that pierce the very soul, Blightfang Rats can really spread havoc quickly if left unchecked.

  • Number 3, Awareness 60, Health 3, Combat Skill 30, Magic Resistance 20, Pack (+5 Combat Skill for each other pack member alive).

They have three actions: a Bite (for d6 damage), a Scratch (for d4+1 damage), and a Rally (to increase all damage dealt by 1).

For this first combat, I will provide lots of mechanical detail.

Round 1: My skill total for Initiative is Perception 50 + Quick 10 (dagger) = 60, and I roll 52 against that for a success. The Blightfang Rats have 60 Awareness and roll 86 (failure). For my Evasive Strike, I have a total skill of 90, against which I roll 12 (success) versus Rat 1 rolling a 50 (failure). I hit for d6+d4 = 4+1 => 1+0 = 1 damage (because each die is interpreted individually on the Damage Table), which drops that rat to 2 health. (I forgot to roll hit location this time.) Rat 1 rallies, adding +1 to the future damage rolls for all of these rats. Rat 2 scratches but rolls 96 (failure) vs my 62 (success); my defensive move roll is 4, so my next attack gets +10. Rat 3 scratches and also fails with a 61 vs my 55 (a critical success). My defensive move again rolls 4, adding another +10 to my next attack.

Round 2: I’ll make an Evasive Strike again, with a total bonus of +30 from attacking and previous defensive moves. To attack Rat 1, I roll 91 (success) vs their 100 (fumble). My hit location is 12 (forequarters) and I roll d6+d4 = 5+2 => 2+1 = 3 damage. Rat 1 is dead. Their Pack bonus drops to +5. Rat 2 rallies, so the damage bonus is now +2. Rat 3 scratches at me and rolls 34 (success) vs my 36 (success); my roll is higher so I win. My defensive move rolls 7, giving me advantage on my next attack.

Round 3: Evasive Strike again, and I roll 27 => 72 (success with advantage) vs 35 (success), and my higher number wins (a great example of how advantage helps). The random hit location is 14 (right front leg), which I hit for d6+d4 = 3+3 => 1+1 = 2 damage, taking Rat 2 down to 1 Health. That same rat bites, rolling 60 (failure) vs 65 (success). My defensive move rolls 8; that opponent will take a -20 penalty on its next combat skill check for defense. Rat 3 bites but rolls 50 (failure) vs 67 (success). As in the prior round, my defensive move rolled 4, giving my next attack a bonus of +10.

Round 4: I’ll perform another Evasive Strike against Rat 2, rolling 57 (success) vs 35 (which is a failure due to the -20 penalty from Round 3). I hit location 20 (head), which automatically counts as a critical hit, so I do 2d6+2d4 = 2+3+3+3 => 4 damage and we have another dead rat. Rat 3 scratches; this time it rolls 22 (critical hit) vs 15 (success). The critical hit succeeds and hits location 18 (right arm). The rat deals 2*(1d4+3) = (3+3)+(2+3) = 6+5 => 2+2 = 4 damage total, dropping my toughness to 9. (I’m really not confident I did that right; see Thoughts at the end.) The Overseer’s Corrupting Influence forces a Resolve check, which I fail, giving me -1 Sanity.

Round 5: I make an Evasive Strike against Rat 3, which rolls a 35 (success) vs 44 (fumble). I hit location 17 (left front leg) for d6+d4 = 3+2 => 2+2 = 4 damage, and Rat 3 is dead before even considering the fumble.

Defeating a combat encounter earns 50 XP and, in this case, a roll on the Resources table: 1, nothing of value.” That’s disappointing, but perhaps unsurprising for some rats in a hallway. I also recover d4 = 3 Toughness, getting me up to 12.

Room III

In this room, I find Another Unfortunate Soul (corpse of another survivor or explorer). Tension stays at d8, and I reduce my Light Source by 1. An encounter occurs with another trio of Blightfang Rats. This time, I’ll simplify the combat log a little bit.

Round 1: For initiative, I roll a failure as do the Rats. Our effective skill scores are also tied, so I’ll roll again. This time I roll a success against their failure, so I take the initiative. My Combat Skill is effectively 90 due to weapon speed, with an additional +10 when I am attacking. Evasive Strike rolls a success and Rat 1 also gets a success, but I rolled higher so I win. This does d6+d4 => 1 damage; Rat 1 is thus down to 2 Health, and I get +20 bonus to my next defensive check. Rat 1 bites and succeeds, but I roll a critical success, so I win. My defensive move puts the rat’s next defensive roll at -20. (I also mark my Bladed Weapons skill for improvement next time I camp.) Rat 2 tries to scratch me but fails and my defensive check succeeds. I will thus get Advantage on my next attack. Rat 3 scratches at me but neither of us succeed.

Round 2: I have advantage on this attack and Rat 1 has a -20 penalty to its check. Evasive Strike succeeds in hitting the left front leg, doing 1 damage; Rat 1 is down to 1 health. (EDIT: Apparently I forgot to have it attack me here.) Next, I successfully defend against Rat 2’s scratch, giving me a +10 bonus on my next attack. Rat 3 bites but fumbles while I make a defensive move; it receives the Bleeding (1) and the rat’s next attack is at -20.

Round 3: I have a bonus on this attack, though it turns out Evasive Strike succeeds anyway and does 1 more damage so that Rat 1 is finally dead. Rat 2 bites but things go my way so that it’s next defensive check is at -20. Rat 3’s bite (including a -20 from the previous fumble) fails; my defensive move gets an additional +10.

Round 4: I hit Rat 2 in its right front leg for 1 damage, reducing it to 2 health. Rat 2 bites and would succeed, but I rolled higher which is a win for me. My next attack deals +d10 damage, a good result! Rat 3 rallies and adds +1 to their future damage.

Round 5: My Evasive Strike hits for d6+d4+d10 = 2+4+3 => 3 damage total, thus Rat 2 is dead. Rat 3 scratches and fails, giving me +10 to my next attack.

Round 6: I can concentrate now against Rat 3, and I deal 1 damage bringing it down to 2 health. Rat 3’s bite results in a fumble. My defensive move would reduce armor, but it doesn’t have any; its fumble loses d8 aether (but doesn’t have any of that either).

Round 7: My dagger scores a critical hit and I deal 3 damage; Rat 3 is dead.

Again, +50 XP more, and the Resources roll time gives me 1x Crafting Supplies. I also recover d4 = 2 Toughness (up to 14). At this moment, I remember that I should use my Fire Bolt ability to count towards my Personal Goal of Fire Damage Expert.

This starter room contains 2x Cooking Supplies and 10x Crafting Supplies, so I don’t scavenge. I add all of this to my gear. Looking at the map again, I want to hit the pre-defined rooms in order, including taking out the overseer, before leaving this domain.

Corridor out of Room III

The Tension die drops down to a d6 and I have another encounter.

Flesh Eater

From the depths of the accursed catacombs, Flesh Eaters emerge as vile and grotesque abominations. These monstrous creatures possess a rotting, bloated form, its pallid skin stretched taut over protruding bones and oozing sores. With jagged teeth perpetually exposed in a wicked grin, they exude a putrid stench that betrays their unholy nature. Flesh Eaters move with unsettling swiftness, able to traverse the darkest recesses with uncanny stealth, preying upon unsuspecting victims who dare venture into its domain. Their insidious claws tear through flesh and bone, savoring the agony of its quarry as it devours their essence, perpetuating their cursed existence.

  • Number 1, Awareness 30, Endurance 30, Athletics 45, Health 4, Combat 25, no Armor, Magic Resistance 10, Frightening

It also has three actions: a Rancid Claw that can deal d6 slashing damage and, on a failed Endurance check, d4 ongoing necrotic damage; a Grasp that can grapple and restrain a target, dealing d8 ongoing bludgeoning damage; and a Slam that deals d10 bludgeoning damage.

As last time, I’m simplifying the combat log here.

Round 1: I lose the initiative roll. As a Frightening creature, it forces me to make a Resolve check at the start of each turn, which I fail and take -1 Sanity. It tries and fails to slam me, and that gives me the chance to recover 2 Toughness (maxed at 15 now). I remember to use my Fire Bolt ability and spend 4 aether; it fails its Magic Resistance check and 1 Fire damage.

Round 2: My Resolve check fails again, giving me -1 Sanity. Its slam fails, my defense succeeds, and I’ll have no targeting penalty for choosing a specific body part. Of course, I use this immediately, performing an Evasive Strike against its Head that succeeds. This is an automatic crit that deals 5 damage, killing it.

My spoils this time are Light Vambraces (1 protection, d6 Integrity), and of course +50 XP for winning the combat encounter.


In the room between III and IV: An unnatural wind seems to be constantly coming out of this room, violently flapping your clothes and gear around you.” The tension die drops again to d4, but there’s no encounter.

Instead, I roll event 77: This large room appears to have been some sort of holding cell at some point. A rusty metal gate still blocks a corner of the room, and you can see some remains on the other side. If you attempt to open the gate make an Athletics check: if you succeed you find the desiccated corpse of a forgotten prisoner, and something of value. Make a roll on the Spoils table.” My Athletics check succeeds! I find a valuable Magic Item, a ring with 1 unknown magic property. I need an Attunement Crystal to determine the property. Fortunately, there are some later in this domain. My attempt to scavenge for other stuff fails.

Corridor out of Room VIII

This corridor, leading to room IV, has no encounter and the tension die stays at d4. (Events don’t occur in corridors.)

Room IV

As one of the predefined rooms, it has an Altar:

Old, melted candles have fused into a mass of solid wax upon an altar dedicated to some mysterious goddess you do not recognize. She holds a bowl in her hands, and within it you find the brittle remains of paper prayers, left there by whoever worshiped this deity.

The Tension die now indicates an event, which I think overrides the no event in this room” description. The event surprises me quite a bit: I find an Attunement Crystal. Now I can determine the property of the ring when I camp. In the meantime, an encounter also occurs here.

Skeletal Horrors

The remnants of fallen warriors cursed to wander eternally, these skeletal monsters are shrouded in tattered, bloodstained remnants of their once-proud armor, their bones blackened and charred by the fires of the afterlife. With hollow eye sockets emanating an otherworldly glow, they wield spectral weapons with an unnatural dexterity, instilling dread in the hearts of any who dare cross their path. Driven by a thirst for vengeance, Skeletal Horrors mercilessly hunt those who trespass upon their cursed domain, their haunting wails echoing through the night, a haunting reminder of the tragic fate that befell them.

  • Number 2, Awareness 20, Health 3, Combat Skill 30, Armor 1 (Chest), Magic Resistance 20, Frightening, Undead

(Why is Undead” sometimes a Type and sometimes a Trait?)

These skeletons have four abilities: a Cursed Slash that deals d8 slashing damage; an Ethereal Grasp that deals up to d6 necrotic damage and can heal them; a Haunting Wail that can stun all creatures; and a Vengeful Onslaught that does d10 piercing damage and can trigger an Ethereal Grasp.

Round 1: I win the initiative roll, and my Resolve check (because they are also Frightening) succeeds. I immediately use Fire Bolt on one of them, damaging it for 2 and thus dropping it to 1 Health. That same skeleton uses Cursed Slash and fails; as a result, its next defensive roll takes a -20 penalty. Skeleton 2 also uses Cursed Slash and fumbles while my defense critically succeeds! It drops its weapon and will spend the next turn recovering it, and I get +d10 damage on my next attack.

Round 2: I fail my check against their Frightening nature for -1 Sanity. I then use Evasive Strike against the first skeleton, hitting it in the chest, which has 1 Armor. I still manage to do 3 damage, which kills it. The second skeleton spends its turn recovering its weapon.

Round 3: Another -1 Sanity due to the frightening Skeletal Horror. Since I don’t have any particular bonus this time, I throw a Fire Bolt for 2 damage. It uses Cursed Slash again, but my higher roll ends up giving me +10 on my next attack.

Round 4: My resolve stiffens a bit and I don’t take the Sanity loss this round. I use Fire Bolt again, which would be last time I can use it this fight, as I’m down to 1 Aether now. Fortunately the 2 damage kills it.

+50 XP for the combat encounter, and I find a Potion. My Medicine skill is rated 0, so I can’t identify it. Bottoms up! The potion has aged and lost all potency, for no effect. Fortunately this room also has a couple of candles, for when my torch burns out.

Corridor out of Room IV

Tension die resets to d8 and remains there. But I encounter Skeletal Horrors again.

Round 1: These horrifying creatures damage my Sanity, unsurprisingly. The rules say all Aether is replenished upon entering a new room,” but I’m in a corridor, so I don’t think that applies yet. Instead, I’ll continue to do Evasive Strikes with my dagger. I hit the first one in the head for an automatic crit that does enough damage to kill it. The second one uses Haunting Wail, but I pass my Resolve and thus am not stunned.

Round 2: Another failed Resolve check for -1 Sanity. I hit this remaining skeleton in the left arm for 2 damage total, taking it to 1 Health. The horror uses Cursed Slash but fumbles, so its weapon is stuck in the ground. It will need to use an action and succeed on an Athletics check to retrieve it.

Round 3: I’m not afraid this time and I strike it in the chest. Despite the armor there, I kill it; no chance for it to recover its weapon.

+50 XP for the combat encounter, and I find another magic item, a morningstar with one unknown magic property.

Room IX

An eerie aura permeates this room, where the empire once sought answers from a cryptic and enigmatic oracle.

I don’t know if this was the oracle or not, but regardless the room has another Flesh Eater.

Round 1: I keep my mind together and pass my Resolve check. With my Aether refreshed, I immediately use Fire Bolt for 1 damage, reducing it to 3 Health. It fails to slam me and I’ll have +10 on my next attack.

Round 2: This time I do take the -1 Sanity. My Fire Bolt does another 2 damage. The Flesh Eater uses a Rancid Claw but fumbles, so it trips and takes 2 damage, killing it on its own.

The spoils this time are a precious relic: a Band of Knowledge.

Forged in the heart of the lost library of Kizanu and infused with the essences of countless tomes, this ring serves as a conduit to unparalleled knowledge. When slipped onto the finger, it ignites a profound awakening within the wearer’s mind, expanding their intellect and awareness. In the presence of the Enigma Scholar’s Band, mysteries unravel with ease, secrets unveil themselves, and the once-obscure becomes a landscape of interconnected wisdom.

At any camp rest, I can take a temporary +50 bonus to one skill until my next camp rest. Amazing find!

Corridor out of Room IX

While the tension increases slightly, no encounter occurs.

Room V

I’ve reached the Sorcerer’s Stash.

This room is covered in the remains of broken down shelves, rotten scrolls and books spilled all around them. Luckily for you, something has survived the ravages of time: you find a small sack holding 3 Attunement Crystals, warm to the touch and whispering possibilities in your mind.

It also has another set of Blightfang Rats.

Round 1: My Aether refilled and so I have 3 uses of Fire Bolt for this fight. I’ll use one on the first rat, reducing it to 1 Health. It bites and fails, and so do I. The second rat scratches and fails, which would give me the chance to recover Toughness but I’m already at the max. The third rat similarly fails to scratch me, but I cut it enough that it takes the Bleeding 1 condition. This doesn’t really matter until it gets to Bleeding 2.

Round 2: Even though I throw a Fire Bolt at the first rat again, it succeeds at its Magic Resistance check. It then tries to bite and succeeds; fortunately, I roll higher so I win and its next defensive move will have a -20 penalty. The second rat rallies, increasing their damage for the rest of the fight by +1. The third rat bites and would succeed, but I critically succeed on defense and thus automatically win, reducing its next defense check by -20.

Round 3: My last Fire Bolt again fails because the target succeeds at Magic Resistance, and I am out of Aether! The first rat bites my left leg for 2 damage, dropping my Toughness to 13. The second rat scratches my chest. I take no damage, but my armor will need to make an integrity check after the encounter. My defense against the third rat’s scratch puts its next defensive check at another -20.

Round 4: Back to working with my dagger. My Evasive Strike on the first rat does 2 damage against its right hind leg, killing it. The second rat rallies, increasing their damage bonus to +2. Then the third rat scratches but I defend successfully and my next attack will have a +10 bonus.

Round 5: I slash at the second rat for 2 damage, reducing it to 1 Health. In return, it scratches but I roll a critical success. Its next defensive check will be at -20. Although the third rat fails to bite me, things go awry:

You hurl your weapon with such strength that it smashes against a stone, breaking in half. You must repair it before you can wield it again.

That’s very bad, since I’m much less effective without a bladed weapon. I do have an magic weapon (morningstar); although I haven’t attuned to it so it would just count as a regular weapon. Much worse than that, however, I have literally 0 skill in bludgeoning weapons!

Round 6: With no useful weapon and no aether, I consider my options. Fleeing the encounter requires a successful Dodge check, and my piecemeal armor impacts my maneuverability enough that my Dodge skill is down to 10. Alternately, I can fight unarmed with a 20 skill level and d4 damage. I’ll dodge this round and use my unarmed combat defensively if I fail. That’s exactly what happens: I can’t get past the rats, who block me from leaving the room. The second rat scratches futilely at me, though. The third rat bites and critically succeeds, getting my left leg for 2 more damage and then dropping my Toughness to 11.

Round 7: Again, I can’t get out. The second rat scratches and fumbles, so its next attack is at -20. The third rat bites and also fumbles. The game says that a random item on its belt breaks, I decide to reroll this because that shouldn’t apply to an animal. Instead it falls and goes prone, requiring an action to get up.

Round 8: I take advantage of the prone rat, which grants me a +30 to my unarmed attack. Even better, its defensive move cannot succeed because of the penalties already incurred to its combat skill. I pummel it for 1 damage, dropping the rat to 2 health. The other rat and I don’t connect with each other, and so the prone rat uses its action to stand back up.

Round 9: I attempt to flee and fail once more. The second rat scratches me in the left leg for 2 damage, taking my Toughness down to 9. The third rat fails to scratch me but my fumble manages to strike myself! I take 1 damage and my Toughness is now 8.

Round 10: The rats still block me from getting out, but otherwise their bite attempts (and my counter-attacks) all fail.

Round 11: After preventing me from leaving, the second rat bites me for a critical hit that does 2 damage, dropping my Toughness to 6. I also trip and slam my head, leaving me Dazed for 2 rounds. This means I cannot initiate attacks until round 14, if I’m still here.

Round 12: I’m unable to get past these enemies. The second rat scratches me in the right leg for 3 damage, dropping my Toughness to 3. The Corrupting Influence of the Overseer now forces a Resolve check, which I fail and take -1 Sanity (down to 2). The third rat is unable to bite me.

Round 13: My mind dazed and losing sanity rapidly, I fail to flee. The second rat rallies, increasing their future damage bonus to +3. The third rat bites and fails, but I somehow strike myself again for 1 damage. As a result, my Toughness is now at 2.

Round 14: I just cannot get past these creatures. The second rat tries to scratch me but instead manages to kill itself! However, my own fumbling results in a -20 to my next attack. (At this point, I realize that, after my first reaction each round, I’m better off attempting to Dodge than to fight back due to penalties for multiple reactions in a round.) The third rat scratches and fails, although I would have failed to dodge it.

Round 15: The third rat keeps me in the room, but otherwise neither of us can connect with the other.

Round 16: Just like the previous round, the only result is that I’m still in here.

Round 17: I critically fail while Dodging (to flee). (This does not have a mechanical effect but is quite embarrassing!) The third rat can’t make use of this to bite me, though.

Round 18: While I’m stuck in here still, the third rat bites and I’m able to put its next defensive check at -20 (but I’m not attacking it).

Round 19: I can’t dodge past this thing. The third rat bites my right leg for 2 damage, dropping my Toughness to 0. Future damage goes against my Health.

Round 20: I critically fail to flee again (11, one point off of succeeding.) Perhaps I should have shed some armor. The third rat bites and fails, although I slip and slam my head again, dazing me for 2 rounds.

Round 21: Finally, I succeed on my Dodge (01) and flee! I’m out of the encounter and leave this room.

Corridor out of Room V to Room IX

The Tension stays constant and no encounter occurs.

Return to Room IX

My Aether refreshes, the tension die remains at d6, but there is an encounter here (this is bad): Blightfang Rats (this is the worst possible encounter for me right now).

Rather than play out that combat, with the odds stacked so dramatically against me, I will end this playthrough here: Uttindar is consumed by the foul creatures that swarm through Ker Nethalas.


I’ve come to realize how dangerous multiple enemies can be, because subsequent reactions in the same round incur a -20 penalty, cumulatively. This makes fumbles much easier to happen, and some of them can end a game–particularly early on. That’s not a criticism, though; in some sense, it’s a feature of this sort of game.

There is an optional rule, Forgiving Death”, that would actually make reaching 0 Health in the early game something of a relief. It allows you to recover 2d10 Sanity and Health, and when you don’t have many Mastery abilities, the penalty for those is not relevant. I chose not to use it in this playthrough, but I may use it in the future.

Minor issues

I am unsure how critical hits interact with bonus damage. Does the bonus damage apply to each die, or the final total, or something else? I need to review this in more detail, or perhaps just make a ruling and go with that in the future.

During my first playthrough, I similarly noted it was unclear why the game tracks some resources concretely, such as light sources, rather than using the usage die as it does for tension and armor integrity. I still think that’s a bit odd, but I’m more used to it now, and I suspect that the author did so for specific reasons. This is something I’m likely to handle differently in my own future sessions of this game, though.

The first few rooms are a bit unclear in their flow, though I’m happy just to make a few assumptions. As it’s a tutorial”, I wish it had a few more reminders, like determining the overseer’s specific influence. Regardless, next time I will use some other dungeon rather than play this same one for a third try.

I noted some information organization issues. For example, Character Progression is in the Character Creation chapter, but Personal Goals are not. Some of the core tables (e.g. the Events table) are not bookmarked in the PDF, along with a few of the more common treasure tables. During the initial rooms, for example, I wish it directed me to the page for Random Armor, which is not with the Armor tables themselves. Also, there’s an Exploration Flowchart, which I found useful, but no Combat Flowchart or similar aid. Given how much more complex combat is, and the role it plays in the game, I think that would be a useful addition. (Page number references in these flowcharts would also be helpful.)


Despite my issues (which were, after all, quite minor), I had a good time with Ker Nethalas. I might write a few simple tools to simplify the repetitiveness of the combat, because those rolls (especially in longer fights) end up dragging on for a long time. I’m also considering a few other tweaks to smooth out some of the parts that felt slightly clunky to me. Of course, I plan to give it a shot again in the future, but I think I’m going to pause dungeon crawling for a bit in favor of some other kinds of RPGs.

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