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Wanderhome Solo - Part 4

Meta note: I actually played this on June 12th but somehow forgot to blog it. So here it is!

Also, I now have an actual printed copy rather than just the PDF. It’s quite gorgeous and occupies a place of pride on my shelf.

Getting started

Drixster, the skunk exile, has two tokens.

  • What sort of place did we just travel from We’re still in… Loom Lagoon. Apparently last time we didn’t name it.
  • Do we feel our journey has been long? Not yet. This is the first real town on the road from where we started.
  • Is there somewhere we hope to go? Maybe the local skunk enclave. We’d like to eat a family meal with Lillabit also. And perhaps the Loom to leave a mark on the Tapestry.


I didn’t really spend enough time here before when I passed through. In fact, I haven’t really spent a lot of time with skunks in general. But I’d like to learn how to feel like I’m a part of them.

Desdin, an older skunk who has travelled pretty extensively, talks with me for a while. He wears a little bow tie and talks with me over espresso in a small café next too one of the little ponds here. His traits are Wise and Venerable.

A shot of espresso in a glass on the edge of a wooden table Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I ask about the traditions of his - our - people. He tells me of their source in the old days, when there wasn’t enough and oppressive forces ruled without care for the folk. I start to think about how I was taught to wait for liberation rather than wait for it, but I push it out of my mind for now. Desdin notices my thoughts wandering and asks how I feel about this. I’m grateful that things are better, but I still want to contribute to the community somehow.

After a few minutes of contemplation over his coffee, Desdin tells me that being and thinking differently is what I contribute. He asks me to keep doing that to find ways to help us progress without ever losing sight of making things better. We can respect the past and retain who we are without stagnating. In fact… why stay on these dry roads? He proposes a path unlike what others have suggested and wonders if I might find a way to go underneath it all in the grottoes and rivers of the earth.


As promised, I visit the hummingbird family for a meal. They all speak very rapidly and I can’t really keep up, but clearly they enjoy each other’s company.

Lillabit asks me to tell them a story. So I ask if I can tell one of my home, the workshop where I started from. They accept excitedly. I tell them stories about giants who ride tornadoes and straighten out rivers and paint mountains, and the kids laugh and giggle and marvel, honoring the traditions of my home (+1 token => 3). Later, I can see their wings and beaks drooping a bit, so with some regret I excuse myself, thank the family for a lovely evening, and depart into the darkness.

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